The Intern


That movie was.. Hm.. It was enormous!

Come on guys, we live in 2016. Fortunately, we are young and the world is -mostly- ours. We control and use everything. Google, Facebook, Twitter, technological devices… wow!

For now, yes. But you know..

Will everything stay the same forever? The answer will be 99%, NO.

Times change and we with time.

Pretend you are 70 years old and you started to work in a start-up as an intern. You were using phone books (paper ones lol) and now you have a Macbook in your desk. Oh, I can hear it, tooootally madness! Difficult, isn’t it? That man (Robert de Niro) is exactly doing this kind of madness. And it is a really awesome story.

Then.. Every movie deserves a spoiler part.

O-K~! Let me start with the things I like… I really loved the office environment, I mean that freedom was wonderful. And Jules was interested in everything about job, it should be really hard for her! And the things I didn’t like… First thing, her mother.. And the second: her husband! Oh my… He was definitely a big trash! Anyhow the movie was nice and I felt improved. 🙂 I feel the emotions, I understand the respectful side of experience, I found myself wondering about old-style things.. 🙂

I will edit if I remember something more.. Take care of yourselves. See you 😉


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